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Glass Vases

Antique English Glass Hyacinth Vases

$375.00, $375.00, $275.00, $350.00

We will be describing these Antique English Glass Hyacinth Vases shown in the photo from left to right. Antique Hyacinth Vases are specifically designed to cultivate hyacinth bulbs. As they progress in their growing period, it is so enjoyable to watch them grow and flower. …

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Antique English Glass Hyacinth Vase


Hyacinth vases, sometimes called tulip vases or bulb vases, were used to force flowering bulbs for wintertime blooms indoors. They were quite popular in the Victorian period. Some homes had many vases as they were lovely adornments for kitchen window sills as well as other …

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Antique Arts and Crafts English Glass Hyacinth Vase


The birth of the Arts and Crafts movement in Britain marked the beginning of a social movement as well as a design style. This was a reaction to not only the damaging effects of industrialization but also the relatively low status of the decorative arts. …

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Antique Arts & Crafts English Glass Vase


The Arts and Crafts movement came about as a reaction to industrialization and mass production. The designers were also against the extravagant, and over-decorated Victorian taste. They wanted to focus on good simple designs. Also, a return to hand crafted work of the highest standard …

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Large Antique Amethyst Glass Vase


For anyone who is looking for an exquisite piece of antique English glass, this is the piece for you!! This stunning large Antique Amethyst Colored Glass Vase is quite vibrant in its distinctive color. In the 19th Century in Bristol, England manufacturers of colored glassware …

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Antique English Glass Hyacinth Vases


Antique hyacinth vases are specifically designed to cultivate hyacinth bulbs. As they progress in their growing period, it is so enjoyable to watch them begin to flower. Hyacinth vases were introduced during the Georgian era, and it was noted that Madame de Pompadour had a …

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Antique Art Nouveau Glass Vase


An exquisite American Art Nouveau 20th Century Glass Vase decorated in the style of Tiffany’s. This vase has a type of iridescent art glass that is extremely popular for many people. Superb detail workmanship shows up on its dark purple background with its wonderful floral …

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