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Antique Silver Candlesticks and Candelabra

Antique Silver Candlesticks are amongst the most precious and desired of all English silver articles. They were probably the most frequently used items of silver prior to the advent of electricity and therefore, there was a vast number made in many designs and styles. Candlesticks of the Queen Anne period (1702 – 1714) were quite simple and elegant in design. This simplicity in candlesticks changed around 1735 as the level of decoration increased. From about 1750 which was the George II period, the rococo influence on candlesticks is prevalent as this was a desire for over-exuberance. Detail work became elongated, twisted, and curved to form elaborate patterns. Towards the middle of the 18th century, many new styles were produced such as these corinthian column candlesticks, which are wonderful in detail, and are copied from early Greek architecture.

Set of 4 George III Antique English Silver Candlesticks

$5,500.00 set of 4

This striking set of four George III, Antique English Silver Candlesticks, are set on square bases and are chased with guilloche and beaded lobes. Rising from these bases, are the corinthian columns which extend until the sconces and detachable nozzles. These lovely candlesticks have been …

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