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Antique Silver Sauce Boats

The earliest known English sterling silver sauce boat was made in 1698 by William Scarlett. It was a type copied from the French silversmiths with a low plain oval body with double spouts and handles set on a low molded foot. By the early 18th century, sauce boats had evolved into the more traditional form as we know of them today. They were designed with a broad pouring lip and a single scroll handle. Some sauce boats were crafted with matching underplates, to catch dripping sauce. Elaborate decoration of sauce boats became more prevalent in the late 1700’s and continued through the Regency period up to 1820. The handle became a major feature as well as decorated borders and embellished feet.

George III Antique English Silver Sauce Boat


A handsome George III Antique English Silver Sauce Boat with a plain body and a gadroon border. It has a wonderful acanthus detailed flying scroll C handle and is set on three shell feet. This George III Antique English Silver Sauce Boat is in pristine …

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