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The finger bowl has long been a symbol of power and status in dining rooms. Finger bowls were once used by well-mannered dinner guests during the Georgian, Victorian times and even into the 20th century. The bowl was placed at the top left of the dinner plate. Diners would place all five fingers (at the same time) into the water and dry the hand with a napkin. I am reasonably confident that these finger bowls will not be used in that manner again. However, a finger bowl today could be used for sauces, condiments, candy, nuts, or anything else one would wish to put out for company.


Antique 20th Century Red Glass Finger Bowl


A stunning Antique 20th Century Red Glass Finger Bowl having a wavy rim and a ruffled edge. It features clear glass at the top and an applied red ‘thread’ wrapped around the bottom portion of the bowl. Our Finger Bowl can be used for cold …

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Antique 20th Century Clear Glass Finger Bowl


A lovely Antique 20th century Clear Glass Finger Bowl. It has a wavy rim and a ruffled edge with horizontal lines. There is a wonderful iridescent band surrounding the bowl near the bottom of the piece. This iridescent band picks up any colors that are …

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Antique 20th Century Lavender Glass Finger Bowl


A stunning but subdued colored Antique 20th Century Lavender Glass Finger Bowl. Similar to our other 3 Antique 20th Century Finger Bowls of this period, it has a ruffled edge and a wavy rim. Our Lavender Glass Finger Bowl has a diagonal design which is …

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