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Antique English Porcelain

Shop Wyler Antiques for unique inventory of English porcelain, including Derby, Coalport, Wedgewood, and Mason’s porcelain.

Antique English Soup Plate


A lovely Antique English Porcelain Soup Plate that is decorated with a wonderful bouquet of hand – painted pink and blue flowers with green leaves set on a white background. Butterflies which are interspersed near the flowers, makes this a striking piece. Even though the …

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Pair of Antique English Saucers

$275.00 for the pair

A lovely pair of Antique English Saucers that are hand painted in brilliant Imari colors. They have vivid tones of orange, cobalt blue, red and gilt set on a white background. A double border in gilt completes the design and gives the saucers a luxurious …

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Antique English Spode Waste Bowl


A waste or slop bowl (as it would have been called at that time) is part of a traditional tea set as it held the used tea leaves. A Lovely Antique English Porcelain Spode hand painted Waste Bowl that has a gilt design interspersed with …

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Antique English Derby Small Porcelain Platter


A lovely early 19th century Antique English Derby Small Porcelain Platter. Hand-painted with vibrant cobalt blue and orange colors with the addition of gilt, makes this an interesting piece. With 1 oval panel in the center surrounded by 4 round circles, this makes for an …

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Antique English Porcelain Waste Bowl


In Europe, a waste bowl or slop bowl is one of the components of a traditional tea set. Most waste bowls were in porcelain, but some were also made in silver. In the 18th century, they typically held about half a pint, with some room …

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Antique Mason’s Ironstone Dessert Plate


For those of you who would like to know more about Ironstone, the first thing to know is it is not porcelain. Although the name is Ironstone, there is no iron in its composition. It is porous earthenware, made of clay mixed with feldspar. Ironstone …

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Pair of English Royal Crown Derby Miniature Vases

$350.00 for pair

A lovely pair of English Royal Crown Derby Porcelain pair of Miniature Vases in the Imari pattern. Adorned with the exquisite and popular pattern 1128 which showcases Japanese influence, each vase has vibrant gold, cobalt blue and iron red tones. On the bottom of the …

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Antique English Creamware Sauce Boat


Creamware, named after its ivory color, is a type of fine earthenware pottery. It was made from a combination of white clay and calcined flint, and was produced in England and Europe during the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. There were several versions of creamware …

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Antique English Waste Bowl


A waste or slop bowl (as it would have been called at that time) is part of a traditional tea set. It was used for emptying out the cold tea and remaining tea leaves before refilling the cup. This lovely Antique English Waste Bowl is …

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Pair of Antique Majolica Plates

$450.00 for pair

The earliest examples of majolica – brightly colored earthenware – first emerged in the 1400s amid the Italian Renaissance. The use of a colorful tin glaze on ceramics was an innovation that Italian ceramic artists adapted from techniques that they observed on Spanish imports. One …

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Set of 4 Antique English Dessert Plates

$850.00 set of 4

An exquisite set of 4 Antique English Worcester Dessert Plates that are quite stunning with their exceptional design. This consists of a wonderful color combination of very vibrant tones of purple grapes and green leaves that are set on a white background. These 4 lovely …

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Antique English Copeland Spode Pottery Platter


Copeland Spode China and Pottery began with Josiah Spode apprenticing as a potter in the mid 1700’s. He eventually started his own pottery business making cream colored earthenware and whiteware. After developing transferware printing, he opened up a shop in London in 1778 with William …

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Antique English Centerpiece


A highly decorative and colorful Antique 19th century English Centerpiece that is truly spectacular. This piece is quite appealing with its intricate white and gilt base design extending up through the underside with its vibrant colors and culminating in the colorful bowl. Flowers in orange …

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Antique Wedgwood Dessert Service

$1,375.00 for set

A wonderful Antique English Dessert Service comprising of 6 Wedgwood Dessert Plates and a matching Shaped Dish. Vibrant tones of pinks, yellows, greens and reds resonate in a Chinoiserie design throughout each piece. This lovely Antique English Wedgwood Dessert Service is set on a white …

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Antique English Davenport Well and Tree Platter


An exceptional Antique English Well and Tree Platter made by the English pottery and porcelain company, Davenport. It is wonderful in detail with its Oriental floral design as the colors are quite vibrant. There is a wonderful color combination of rust, teal, peach, green and …

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Set of 6 Antique English Dinner Plates

$1,500.00 set of 6

A wonderful set of 6 Antique English Dinner Plates that are from the Regency period. The color combination on these plates is wonderful as brown, black and gilt create a very elegant and sophisticated look set on a white background. The colors are quite vibrant …

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Set of 4 Antique English Dessert Plates

$1,600.00 for set of 4

For anyone who likes to travel, learn about history and see breathtaking sights around the world, these superb and rare Set of 4 Antique English Dessert Plates are for you. In all the years that we have been in business, we have never seen a …

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Antique English Coalport Dessert Service

$4,500.00 for service

A beautiful and extensive Antique English Coalport Dessert Service. It comprises of 18 pieces including 12 dessert plates, several different shaped dishes and a compote. The background is a  beautiful wine color and helps show off the flowers, butterflies, and insects. Gilding completes the wonderful …

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