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Glass is probably one of the most important, and yet one of the most overlooked materials used in everyday life. From very early times, glass has been used for various kinds of vessels such as bowls, vases, bottles, jars, and drinking glasses. Archaeological evidence suggests glass making dates back to at least 3600 BC in Mesopotamia, Egypt, or Syria. It’s unclear which of these was the first to start making glass, but glass objects have been found in all three regions. The earliest glass objects were beads.

The main component of glass is a mineral compound known as silica (also called silicon dioxide or quartz). To make glass, silica is combined with a range of different ingredients and then fired. The most common type of glass used today – and throughout its long history – is known as soda-lime glass, the type of glass that is clear and colorless to the naked eye. Soda-lime glass production involves mixing together silica with ‘soda’ or sodium carbonate, and ‘lime’ or calcium oxide, before heating them together in a furnace at temperatures of around 1320 degrees Celsius. The molten mixture produced as a result is then worked into a shape and left to cool, producing solid glass.

Decorative and functional glass items have been made for thousands of years and make a very exciting area in which to collect: each piece gives an impression of the social, political, and economic climate in which it was made. We have a very diverse selection of antique glassware ranging from lovely English, striking Irish, and exquisite Art Nouveau pieces.

Silver Plate Overlay Design on Glass Plate


An American 20th century Silver Plate Overlay Design on a clear Glass Plate. The plate has a lovely silver floral overlay design which resonates throughout the piece. Silver overlay is an electroplated coating of silver on a non – conductive surface such as porcelain or …

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Antique English Glass Hyacinth Vases

$275.00, $325.00, $325.00, $350.00

Antique hyacinth vases are specifically designed to cultivate hyacinth bulbs. As they progress in their growing period, it is so enjoyable to watch them begin to flower. Hyacinth vases were introduced during the Georgian era, and it was noted that Madame de Pompadour had a …

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Antique Irish Decanter


Decanters have come in many shapes and designs over the years. They were traditionally either made from glass or crystal. Decanters would be filled with wine and brought to the table where they could be easily handled by a single servant. They usually hold the …

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Antique Amber Serving Bottle


A wonderful Antique English Victorian 19th Century amber colored glass Serving Bottle. It has a panel cut design and shaped sides and has its original spire stopper. Both the serving bottle and the stopper are a lovely dark shade of amber. This lovely 19th Century …

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Set of 6 Antique Georgian Wine Glasses

$950.00 set of 6

Of all Georgian glassware, there is no doubt that Georgian Wine Glasses are the most widely admired and collected. The refined elegance of an antique Georgian wine glass is truly remarkable. There are a multitude of shaped bowl designs and intricate detail work that is …

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Antique English Georgian Wine Jug


This Antique English Georgian Wine Jug shows exceptional design and workmanship. Diamond cutting and basal fine vertical hollow flutes – which is defined as a fluted design – illustrates the work that went into this piece. As one can see above these designs, is a …

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Set of 6 Antique English Glass Plates

$1,050.00 set of 6

A rare and wonderful set of 6 Antique English Glass Plates. We have never had a set of plates such as these. The name comes about because of the green “scrambled” decoration that resonates on the outside of each plate. Therefore, in England, they are …

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Large Antique Amethyst Glass Vase


For anyone who is looking for an exquisite piece of antique English glass, this is the piece for you!! This stunning large Antique Amethyst Colored Glass Vase is quite vibrant in its distinctive color. In the 19th Century in Bristol, England manufacturers of colored glassware …

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Antique Art Nouveau Glass Vase


An exquisite American Art Nouveau 20th Century Glass Vase decorated in the style of Tiffany’s. This vase has a type of iridescent art glass that is extremely popular for many people. Superb detail workmanship shows up on its dark purple background with its wonderful floral …

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Antique Victorian Plate Claret Jug


A silver plated claret jug is a wine jug made of glass and silver plate. Claret is the British name for French red Bordeaux wine. Although glass had been used as a receptacle for beverages of all kinds fir hundreds of years, it wasn’t until …

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