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Antique Silver Serving Pieces

We are pleased to offer a fine range of antique American and English sterling silver Serving Pieces. We have acquired a nice selection for you to choose from.

George IV Antique English Silver Sugar Tongs


Sterling silver sugar tongs have been used for hundreds of years as they are a sign of the prosperous and well-to-do in English, Scottish, and Irish cultures. They emerged on the scene in England in the 18th century and quickly were adapted by other countries. …

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George III Antique English Silver Marrow Scoop


A very elegant George III, Antique English Silver Marrow Scoop. In the 1680’s, the marrow spoon was introduced and it had a rounded spoon at one end and then a marrow scoop at the other.  Soon, this marrow spoon evolved into the marrow scoop. This …

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Antique American Silver Soup Ladle


A heavily elaborate Antique American Silver Soup Ladle in the Versailles pattern. This pattern was created in 1888 by Gorham’s chief designer, Antoine Heller. Gorham was so impressed with his work that they convinced him to leave Tiffany and Company and design for them instead. …

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