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Victorian Silver Plate

Victorian Plate, as the term implies, is used in respect to plated articles made by the process of electolysis during the period 1840 – 1900. The effect of electoplating was similar to that of the introduction of the automobile to an age which had long known only the use of horse power. The industrial age caused the entire process of Sheffield Plating to be discarded. Electoplating was the way in which the manufacturer could bring his products to the public at large at a price that all could afford.

Victorian Plated ware is often referred to as the date “c1880.” This is an abbreviation for the term “circa” which means around. Many silver plated items bear the marks “EPNS” that stands for Electro Plated Nickel Silver or “EP” for Electro Plate.

The amount of fine Victorian Plate produced between the years 1860 and 1900 is truly amazing, not only for its huge numbers, but also for the wide variety. The difficulties of manufacturing were now overcome by the never-ending improvements due to technology. Thus, electoplated silver at this time achieved enormous popularity due to the affordability of the pieces as well as the highly elaborate and overornamented designs.

Antique Victorian Plate Sauce Ladle


An elegant Antique Victorian Silver Plate Sauce Ladle that is decorated in the ‘Old English’ pattern. It is quite plain in style with a rounded terminal and a single drop to the reverse of the bowl. This was the most commonly produced pattern during the …

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Antique Victorian Plate Stuffing Spoon


A handsome Antique Victorian Silver Plate Stuffing Spoon that is decorated in the ‘Fiddle’ pattern. Dominant throughout the nineteenth century, the ‘Fiddle’ pattern was the most popular one in tableware. Originating in France, it first appeared in England during the 1760’s. The production of plain …

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Antique Victorian Plate Soup Ladle


A very stylish Antique Victorian Silver Plate Soup Ladle that is decorated in the ‘Fiddle Thread and Shell’ pattern. The pattern is a timeless design from the English Regency period as it has a delicate thread edge border and a distinctive shell design. This Antique …

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Antique Victorian Plate Jam Spoons in a Case


A lovely pair of Antique Victorian Silver Plate and Mother of Pearl Jam Spoons in their original case. Elaborately chased with a floral and scroll design which resonates around the bowl as well as a very detailed ‘collar’. A ferrule (or collar) is a small …

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Antique Victorian Plate Wine Funnel


A wine funnel is a perfect gift for either someone who appreciates wine or a wine connoisseur. Antique Silver Plated Wine Funnels were developed towards the end of the 18th century as they were a necessity for decanting wines from the cask to a decanter. …

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Antique Victorian Plate Dessert Set

$1,850.00 for set

In the late 19th century, sets of flatware with Mother of Pearl handles became popular and they are often found in their original boxes. Cutlery handles made from real Mother of Pearl shell occasionally have a slight variation in grain and size. However, that does …

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Antique Victorian Plate Tray Table and Stand


Tray Tables and Stands are a wonderful way of integrating the antique (the tray) with the contemporary (the stand). The trays for these stands are predominately made of either sterling silver, silver plate, papier mache or tole. The stands are always custom made and are …

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Antique Victorian Plate Crumber


You are at home or in a restaurant and you cut into a roll. You then notice that there are crumbs on the tablecloth or table and they need to be brushed away. Did you know that this ritual used to be part of American …

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Antique Victorian Plate 24 Piece Fish Set


Fish sets were first introduced during the 19th century. During the Victorian era in England, they became quite popular because of the increase in wealth of the middle class. Extravagant silverware which was always popular with the upper class could now be purchased by this …

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Antique Victorian Plate Claret Jug


A silver plated claret jug is a wine jug made of glass and silver plate. Claret is the British name for French red Bordeaux wine. Although glass had been used as a receptacle for beverages of all kinds fir hundreds of years, it wasn’t until …

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