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20th Century Silver Serving Pieces

Shop our selection of 20th Century & antique silver serving pieces. Call or contact us online to get personalized service.

Norwegian Sterling Silver Cheese Slicer


Approximately 100 years ago, silver cheese slicers were introduced to our homes. Many believe that the Silver Cheese Slicer is a Swedish invention but we actually have Norway to thank for it. The cheese slicer was invented by the businessman and inventor, Thor Bjorklund. He …

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English Silver Marrow Scoop


During the 1600’s, etiquette at dinner parties was becoming more formal. Forks began to appear on the dining table to aid people when eating – allowing for a less hands-on approach! However, the fork could only do so much. It was in the 1680’s when …

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Pair of English Sterling Silver Napkin Rings

$475.00 for pair

First recorded in France around 1800, silver napkin rings quickly became popular items throughout Europe as dining etiquette became more important. The increased wealth of the middle class meant they were able to afford luxury items such as sterling silver napkin rings. They became quite …

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English Silver Fish Server


A Fish Server was originally a serving implement, shaped basically like a trowel, and used for serving and dividing fish at a dinner table. The flat surface on a fish server suggests that it was intended for use with food such as meat, cake and …

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Antique American Silver Soup Ladle


Antique Silver Soup Ladles were not in use until the mid-18th century. By this time, the Silver Soup Tureen had become quite popular and a companion was needed to be used with this article. A long silver serving utensil was needed which would have a …

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Art Nouveau American Sterling Silver Salad Servers

$685.00 for set

In the 1880s and the 1890s, a new style spread across Europe and the United States – Art Nouveau. Unlike the rigid Art Deco that eventually supplemented it, Art Nouveau emphasized flowing lines and curves as well as organic forms. They also featured stylized naturalism, …

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American Silver Cake Breaker


A Cake Breaker is a wonderful serving piece and every household is not complete without one. This cake breaker has a sterling silver handle with a silver plate extended tines. These long tines are used to break into a cake prior to the cake being …

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English Sterling Silver Caviar Spreader


An English Sterling Silver and Mother of Pearl Caviar Spreader in the ‘Queen’s’ pattern makes a wonderful gift for whatever the occasion may be. Mother of Pearl is always so elegant and the Queen’s pattern which was introduced in the early 19th century, from its …

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English Sterling Silver Caviar Spoon


What a wonderful gift this English Sterling Silver and Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon is for somebody who has everything and appreciates caviar!! Mother of Pearl is ideal for serving caviar because it does not affect the caviar’s fragile flavor. The spoon is chemically inert, …

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Scandinavian Silver Serving Tongs


A striking pair of stylish and elegant Scandinavian Silver Serving Tongs in the Prince Harald pattern. In 1937, this pattern, Prince Harald, was created to celebrate his birth. This pattern was inspired by the country’s uniforms with their crisp lines and strikes of ranks. Silver …

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Pair of Antique American Silver Salad Servers


A stunning pair of Tiffany and Company American Silver Salad Servers in the ‘Colonial’ pattern. This pattern was introduced in 1895. It was designed by Paulding Farnham and although it is quite plain, it has an elegant look. This pattern is quite different from his …

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Pair of Italian Silver Buccellati Leaf Shaped Dishes


An exceptional pair of vintage Italian Sterling Silver Leaf Shaped Dishes by Gianmaria Buccellati. The firm Buccellati is known for its exquisite creativity, aesthetics, and craftsmanship. This family business has traditions which are rooted with a long history of craftsmen. Buccellati uses their distinctive skills …

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