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20th Century Silver Mustard Pots

Over the years, mustard has had many uses other than just to enhance a meal. In fact, in the Medieval ages, mustard was an extremely popular condiment as it was used as a remedy for a sore throat (if you mix it with a little lemon juice), a muscle relaxant, and mild mustard was even considered good for the skin.

A mustard pot is a small receptacle with a hinged lid for serving ready – mixed mustard but it can also be used for other condiments. The earliest known examples of a mustard pot dates from 1760. Mustard was served prior to this date but in its dry powdered form. The vast majority of silver mustard pots have always been round or oval with straight sides, often called drum mustards.

It is common for antique silver mustard pots to feature a pierced body design with a glass liner which is generally blue. Prior to this style becoming popular, most mustard pots were gilded inside. This was to prevent corrosion of the metal due to the mustard itself which is comprised of acidic ingredients.

Antique American Silver Mustard Pot With Spoon


An elaborate Antique American Silver early 20th century Mustard Pot. It is embellished with exceptional Repousse workmanship of acanthus leaves and floral chasing. Also, it features reed borders to the base and handle. This embossed Antique American Silver Mustard Pot also is being sold with …

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Antique English Silver Mustard Pot With Spoon


The mustard pot form has adapted to the current trends and fashions and therefore have become highly collectible and sought after. A very attractive early Antique 20th century English Silver Mustard Pot. It is oval in form and has a wonderful pierced design which resonates …

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