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20th Century Silver Salvers

The word ‘salver’ is derived from the Latin word ‘salvare’ meaning ‘to preserve or save’. Salvers are flat, handle-less trays which may be circular or rectangular, or less commonly, octagonal in form. They may reside on a central foot or three or four individual feet that are used for support. Salvers were used to present food and drink in a more ceremonial fashion at social gatherings – quite the party piece!

Elegant and simple sterling silver salvers complement hand engraving quite well. An engraved salver could be a wonderful gift for that special occasion or celebration.

Antique English Silver Salver


English Silver Salvers are rich in history as they have been around for several centuries. The term “salver” originated in England in the 17th century. A salver is a tray without handles. They were originally used to serve food in dishes and refreshments in glasses. …

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American Sterling Silver NHL Salver


Salvers are trays that do not have handles, are usually round, and are used for serving dishes or glasses. Originally, the salver was used only for royalty to serve them food and drink. But first it was required before anything reached royalty, that a servant …

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