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Antique Silver Bowls

Sterling silver dinnerware has a prestigious history. In dinnerware, sterling silver bowls are one of the more frequently used items. In addition to being used at a dinner table, the shape and beauty of sterling silver bowls makes it a wonderful decorative object which can be used in several different ways. Their shape and natural luster makes a silver bowl great to be given as a gift, to be awarded as a trophy, or acquired because it appeals to ones self.

Throughout the world, sterling silver bowls are associated with elegance. Over the years, they have become both essential and quite important in a table setting at a formal event. Antique sterling silver bowls are sometimes highly decorative. The designs on the outside of a piece can be quite intricate consisting of plants, fruits or even people. This helps accentuate the workmanship of the bowl.

George III Antique English Silver Bowl


A very attractive George III Antique English Silver Bowl. It is quite elaborate in design with floral and scroll decoration which resonates throughout the exterior of the piece. The bowl has exceptional workmanship exemplified with the figural handles which are quite appealing. Residing on a …

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