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Famous Silversmiths

Buccellati, Mario (1891 – 1965)

When the name Buccellati is mentioned what comes to mind is their exquisite textural gold jewelry and wonderful silver objects. Spanning many decades, their designs have maintained a high standard of craftsmanship and quality.

The firm was founded by Mario Buccellati, who began his career at the age of 12 apprenticing with a highly reputable jewelry shop in Milan, Beltrami and Beltrami. It was here that the young Mario learned the best in Italian traditions and techniques. Mario took over the company in 1919 and renamed it Buccellati. In the same year, he opened his first boutique located in Milan on Via degli Orefici. Mario exhibited for the first time in 1920 at the Jewelry Exposition in Madrid. His collection was a tremendous success and his merchandise completely sold out. After his success in Madrid, he was invited back for a solo show. At this time, the royal family and Spanish aristocrats soon became lifelong clients of his. Buccellati’s craftsmanship became recognizable across Europe for its gold jewels and intricate silverware. Mario Buccellati was referred to as “The Prince of Goldsmith”.

During the 1950’s, Buccellati had a major expansion in the United States. In 1954, Buccellati opened their first New York flagship store on 5th Avenue. Soon after this, in 1958, they opened up another boutique in Palm Beach, Florida. As the company expanded and gained international exposure, four of Mario’s sons got involved in the business. After Mario passed away in 1965, his son Lorenzo took over the operations in Florence and Milan. Federico was in charge of the Rome boutique and Luca and Gianmaria took over the United States operations.

Gianmaria Buccellati built an enormous empire expanding across major cities and countries around the world. He was in charge of all of the business in the United States as well as managing the boutiques in Milan, Beverly Hills, New York and Paris. He also was extremely involved in establishing the franchises in Capri, Venice, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

The name Buccellati is as popular as it ever has been, and there are collectors and customers all over the world for their jewelry and their silver!!

Articles by Buccellati

Italian Silver Buccellati Serving Dish

Pair of Italian Silver Buccellati Leaf Shaped Dishes

Stone, Arthur (1847 – 1938)

Arthur Stone was an American silversmith who trained and worked in Sheffield, England, and Edinburgh, Scotland before traveling back to the United States in 1884. He was one of the last silversmiths in America to train apprentices to make designs in hand-wrought silver. He first worked for William B. Durgin Company in Concord, New Hampshire before moving in 1887 to Gardner, Massachusetts. There he became the designer and manager for the newly formed Frank W. Smith Company. In 1901, Stone set up a workshop in Gardner, Massachusetts under his own name. His business flourished rather quickly and the demand for his work became so great that he hired 12 men, eight of whom were qualified as master craftsmen. Arthur Stone’s work can be recognized by his trademark. This is an “A” for Arthur in the form of a hammer with the handle extending through the name “Stone”. This can be found on every piece he made. Each of the craftsmen employed by him also signed their work by using their initials. Arthur Stone remained in business for 36 years until he sold the business to Henry Heywood. Today, he is recognized as America’s premier Arts and Crafts Silversmith.

Articles by Arthur Stone

Set of 4 American Silver Pepper Casters

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