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Decanters and Serving Bottles

Quite often, we are asked the question what is the difference between an antique decanter and an antique serving bottle? The differences are only in their shape and design. Antique serving bottles tend to be taller and narrower in shape compared to the decanter. Also, the serving bottles were produced around circa 1850 while decanters go back to the late 17th century. If you enjoy red wine on a regular basis, then using a clear decanter or serving bottle is a great idea.

The decanter that most people are accustomed to, is the classic shape decanter with three neck rings. The earliest version (circa 1820) is a plain bulbous bottle with three neck rings and is fitted with a bullseye stopper. The slightly later version (circa 1830 see Decanter listed below) has a similar shape but is cut with narrow basal flutes with three neck rings and is fitted with a cut mushroom stopper.

Antique Irish Decanter


Decanters have come in many shapes and designs over the years. They were traditionally either made from glass or crystal. Decanters would be filled with wine and brought to the table where they could be easily handled by a single servant. They usually hold the …

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Antique English Bell Shape Decanter


A decanter is a container that is used to serve wine and is most often made of glass. Wine is normally decanted, or poured into a decanter, prior to being served into individual wine glasses. This is done to aerate the wine, or as wine …

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Antique Cranberry Glass Decanter


When looking at antique cranberry glassware today, it’s natural to focus on the Victorian era. During the mid-1800’s to the early 20th century, glass manufacturers refined the art of making cranberry glass. Many pieces were produced around the Stourbridge area in England. Some pieces were …

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Antique Amber Serving Bottle


A wonderful Antique English Victorian 19th Century amber colored glass Serving Bottle. It has a panel cut design and shaped sides and has its original spire stopper. Both the serving bottle and the stopper are a lovely dark shade of amber. This lovely 19th Century …

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Antique English Glass Decanter


There’s nothing quite like antique glass. It combines exceptional craftsmanship, elegance and warmth. There is pleasure in decanting a bottle of wine into a decanter, which could be over two hundred years old. You may also wonder to yourself, who may have used it in …

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