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Antique Silver Coffee Pots

Coffee first found its way into England during the Commonwealth, 1649 to 1660 as a beverage. However, it was greatly frowned upon at first, as many considered it to be a drug. Tea was the accepted drink in England and there was no room for coffee.

Eventually this changed and at the beginning of the 18th century, the consumption of coffee escalated in popularity, resulting in the mass manufacture of coffee pots. Thus, the early 1700s created beautiful coffee pots, particularly those with tapering paneled forms. As the Queen Anne period progressed, a style of coffee pot that became quite popular was the octagonal shape. The spouts on coffee pots (that we are accustomed to seeing today on the opposite side of the handle) did not happen until the 1720’s.

Coffee Pots have certainly evolved over the years stylistically and in decoration. Coffee pots that are the most popular and desirable today are the Queen Anne style which is a half fluted decoration on the body. Also, elaborate coffee pots from the rococo (or ‘late baroque’) era which have wonderful workmanship consisting of flowers, asymmetric details and natural motifs such as shells, are also quite popular.

Antique Queen Anne English Silver Coffee Pot


Early Coffee Pots made before 1730 were always plain without any chasing, and were often straight – sided or octagonal in shape. This stunning Antique Queen Anne English Silver Coffee Pot, follows the prevailing fashion of the period, as it is quite simple and elegant …

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Antique George III English Silver Coffee Pot


A very handsome Antique George III English Silver Coffee Pot, in pristine condition, having a plain round baluster body with applied gadroon borders. It features a wooden scroll handle and acanthus detailing to the spout. The hallmarks are quite clear on this lovely Antique English …

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