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American Sterling Silver Bowl

  • Connecticut, circa 1950 by International Silver Company
  • Dimensions: 2 3/4 inches height, 7 1/4 inches in diameter

Art Nouveau is characterized by linear lines, flowing curves, and swirls with naturalistic themes. This movement began in the 1880’s and featured stylized naturalism often done in floral patterns. It can be said that the movement touched every aspect of life. Instead of being confined to galleries, this art was seen in everyday items and thus, they became art. From architecture to textiles, furniture, glassware, jewelry and silver – the world was influenced by Art Nouveau. Even though Art Nouveau went out of style around the start of World War I and was was replaced by Art Deco, the patterns and styles of the Art Nouveau period are still with us today. In fact, Art Nouveau silver is extremely popular today and is exemplified by this stunning American Sterling Silver Bowl.

An exquisite Art Nouveau style vintage American Sterling Silver Bowl made by the International Silver Company. It has lovely floral workmanship along the curved shaped rim. Due to its size, this bowl would be ideal for a nice selection of fruits, different flavors of ice cream or any nuts or candy.

The International Silver Company was formed in 1898 by various independent New England silversmiths. Between 1898 and 1903, they united together to form a company that became the world’s largest manufacturer of silverware. The International Silver Company was quite successful for many years until they eventually closed their doors in 1983.

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