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American Sterling Silver Cartier Table Bell

  • New York, circa 1940 by Cartier
  • Dimensions: 4 7/8 inches height

Cartier is a luxury brand famous not only for their exceptional jewelry including watches but also for their extensive collection of silver and gold personal luxury items.

The earliest known examples of silver bells were rarely seen before 1790. The vast majority of them were made in the 19th century, and they are still being made today. Bells were used regularly and on view in various situations. The early ones were often originally part of an inkstand and were used to summon a servant to deliver a letter. In the 19th century, silver table bells were traditionally used to call attention to servers during a formal dinner. In a less formal setting, table bells (otherwise known as dinner bells) were used to summon families in the dining room, signifying that dinner was ready.

Our handsome and vintage American Sterling Silver Cartier Table Bell is designed in a plain shaped form. This style of the table bell has changed very little since its inception. They are usually circular, hollow objects with a handle and attached internal clapper designed to vibrate when stuck. Our sterling silver table bell retains its original stained oak wood handle, is in pristine condition, and this piece is a must for every household.

‘Le Must de Cartier’ is a phrase translating to ‘Cartier; It’s Must Have’ – which certainly is reminiscent of the iconic brand of Cartier. Silver table bells like this one are quite popular both as gifts and amongst collectors.

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