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American Sterling Silver Crumber

  • New York, circa 1900 by Dominick and Haff
  • Dimensions: 12 3/4 inches in length

Originating in Europe for the royalty and the aristocracy, crumbers were used to clean the table during the meal. Crumbers did not become widely used in America until the 19th century when dining became quite formal. Americans also believed it was important to behave in a proper manner in order to emulate the aristocracy. Therefore, no proper meal would be served without crumbers being used after every course.

While crumbers are not widely used anymore, one can find them in restaurants as well as in a collector’s trove. Quite stylish in design, this American Sterling Silver Crumber is made in the ‘Victoria’ pattern. This crumber is very attractive as well as being in pristine condition. In today’s world, it is always nice to reflect back in time to see how our predecessors lived and entertained.

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