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American Sterling Silver Mint Julep Cup

  • New York, circa 1960 by Tiffany and Company
  • Dimensions: 4 3/8 inches tall

Sterling Silver Mint Julep Cups were made in many Southern states during the early to mid-18th century. Early master silversmiths, Asa Blanchard of Lexington, Kentucky and William and Archibald Cooper of Louisville, Kentucky are credited with the sleek and classic design of the sterling silver mint julep cup. There are two main styles of julep cups: one with a beaded rim and the other showcasing bands at the top. For more than two centuries, sterling silver mint julep cups have been given, received and used for social events. These can be ceremonial family gatherings such as christenings and weddings as well as public events at local and state fairs.

These Mint Julep Cups have a long tradition as an iconic symbol of the American South. Mint Julep Cups are now considered the drink of the Kentucky Derby and are the quintessential Kentucky Derby beverage. The mint julep drink consists of bourbon, mint, sugar and is mixed with ice.

A very handsome American Sterling Silver Mint Julep Cup. Designed with a lovely beaded edge at the top and the bottom, this silver mint julep cup is quite elegant. Interestingly, the design has stayed the same since its inception. A monogram would certainly accentuate this piece and make it extremely personal. This is the gift for anyone who is a fan of the Kentucky Derby.

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