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American Sterling Silver NHL Salver

  • New York, circa 1990 by Tiffany and Company
  • Dimensions: 15 inches diameter

Salvers are trays that do not have handles, are usually round, and are used for serving dishes or glasses. Originally, the salver was used only for royalty to serve them food and drink. But first it was required before anything reached royalty, that a servant must test everything for poison before it reached the king’s table. If everything was done correctly, the salver was used to indicate that this process had taken place and that the food and drink was now fit for a king.

For all of you NHL hockey fans, this American Sterling Silver Salver made by Tiffany, may be the perfect piece for you. An American sterling silver round shaped salver that is in pristine condition. A simple thread edge rim and a wonderful inscription in the center makes this piece quite special. The inscription is a tribute to the 44th NHL All Star Game that was played in Montreal, Canada in 1993. This American Sterling Silver NHL Salver is a wonderful piece and for all of you hockey fans, this piece is for you.