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Antique Chinese Export Famille Rose Bowl

  • China, circa 1800
  • Dimensions: 3 1/2 inches tall by 7 1/2 inches circumference

An exquisite Antique Chinese Export Famille Rose Enamel Decorated Bowl. Famille Rose is a type of Chinese porcelain that was developed in the 18th century. It is exemplified by the use of pink color overglaze enamel. During the Kangxi reign (1654 – 1722) it was introduced by Western Jesuits but perfected during the Yongzheng era (1678 – 1735). This is when the finest pieces were made. Even though Famille Rose is named after its pink colored enamel, this type of porcelain is characterized by decoration painted in opaque overglaze rose colors, predominantly shades of pink and crimson red. Famille Rose was always in demand and therefore, large quantities of this porcelain were made and then exported to Europe and the United States. Today, Famille Rose is still very popular as many collectors and individuals appreciate and look to acquire this beautiful porcelain.

This Antique Chinese Export Famille Rose Bowl is a lovely piece of porcelain. Pink, white and blue flowers as well as green leaves are quite striking in design and resonate throughout this bowl. The colors blue, teal, black and yellow are decorated in a geometric form and are placed between each section on the outside of the bowl. A group of flowers are placed in the interior of this bowl which also helps make it very appealing. The detail work on this bowl is exceptional and it is in pristine condition.

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