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Antique Chinese Imari Plate

  • China, circa 1790
  • Dimensions: 8 3/4 inches in diameter

A beautiful 18th century Antique Chinese Imari Plate. Originating in Japan – the word Imari refers to a port in Japan where porcelain was produced and shipped from. It was then sent to the Dutch East India Company where it was disbursed to Europe and the United States. Today, the term refers to the decoration in underglaze blue, with reds, golds, oranges and black for outlines. The Chinese and English admired this look a great deal and as it was so popular, they began to use this type of decoration also.

This exquisite 18th century Imari plate uses these colors and has a very interesting and lovely design. Set on a square background with birds, cherry blossoms as well as other flowers, the colors blue, gold and orange are used. Surrounding this square are intricate blue swirls interspersed with orange flowers. Located on the back of this plate are two sprigs of orange flowers on blue twigs. This 18th century Chinese Imari plate is in pristine condition and is quite captivating and striking in design.

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