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Antique Chinese Rose Medallion Leaf Dish

  • China, circa 1850
  • Dimensions: 7 inches length, 4 inches width

A lovely 19th century Antique Oval Shaped Leaf Dish in the highly collectible Rose Medallion pattern. Actually the rose in Rose Medallion refers to the color, and the actual flower depicted in the pattern is a peony – the national flower of China. Rose Medallion is a style of porcelain that was developed in the first quarter of the 19th century, approximately 1820 or so. It typically has alternating panels of people and varying combinations of flowers, birds, butterflies and fruits. Rose Medallion was produced as part of the Chinese Export market which was predominately for European and American consumers.

In the center of this exquisite Antique Rose Medallion Leaf Dish is the medallion. Surrounding the medallion are four alternating sections. Two of these sections are of people in household scenes and the other two sections are of fruit and flowers. This leaf dish has a lovely scalloped border. it is decorated with the typical Rose Medallion colors such as pinks, greens, reds, blues and sometimes softer pastel colors. The dish also is decorated with flowers, butterflies and leaves. This antique oval porcelain leaf dish is in pristine condition and would be a welcome addition on a side or coffee table as well as in a cabinet showing off its lovely shape.

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