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Antique English Bell Shape Decanter

  • England, circa 1890
  • Dimensions: 11 5/8 inches to top of stopper

A decanter is a container that is used to serve wine and is most often made of glass. Wine is normally decanted, or poured into a decanter, prior to being served into individual wine glasses. This is done to aerate the wine, or as wine connoisseurs would say “let the wine breathe.” Another traditional benefit of a decanter was that, by separating a small amount of wine (or your chosen beverage) into a smaller container, it could be handled more easily – necessitating only one servant at the dinner table.

Decanters vary in shape and style depending on their primary function. Red wine decanters are often wider at the base to allow for aeration, while multi-function decanters for serving purposes often appear to be taller and slimmer.

An extremely unusual large Antique English Bell Shaped Decanter. Having a star cut base, original stopper, and a shaped attached handle, the detail work on this piece is exceptional. Wouldn’t your next meal be even more enticing with this wonderful large Antique English Bell Shaped Decanter residing on your table?

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