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Antique English Silver Mustard Pot With Spoon

  • Mustard Pot - Chester, 1901 by William Aitken Spoon - Birmingham, 1971 by J.B. Chatterley and Sons Ltd.
  • Dimensions: 1 7/8 inches tall, 3 inches from handle to widest point Spoon - 2 3/4 inches length

A mustard pot is a small container usually serving mustard but can also be used for other condiments. Mustard Pots generally have a liner which is usually cobalt blue. Prior to this style becoming quite popular, most mustard pots had gilded interiors. This was to prevent corrosion of the metal due to the mustard itself comprising of acidic ingredients. The mustard pot form has adapted to the current trends and fashions and therefore have become highly collectible and sought after.

A very attractive early Antique 20th century English Silver Mustard Pot. It is oval in form and has a wonderful pierced design which resonates on the sides. The hallmarks, which are located on the side of the body, are quite clear. A Silver Mustard Pot Spoon complements this piece quite well and is also being sold with this article.

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