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Antique English Small Porcelain Platter

  • England, circa 1825
  • Dimensions: 12 1/2 inches length, 9 1/4 inches wide

A lovely early 19th century Antique English Small Porcelain Platter. Hand-painted with vibrant cobalt blue and orange colors with the addition of gilt, makes this an interesting piece. With 1 oval panel in the center surrounded by 4 round circles, this makes for an intricate design. The addition of 4 white circles adds to this handsome look. The gilding is worn in some areas but otherwise it is in lovely condition.

This platter is reminiscent of Chinese and Japanese Imari, with its bold colors, and has been produced quite well by the English manufacturer Derby. This Antique English early 19th century Small Porcelain Platter has the traditional Derby mark stamped on the back. Whether one would like to use this platter for serving or display it in their home, it is lovely in design and the detail work is quite intricate.

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