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Antique Victorian Plate 2 Piece Fish Set

  • Sheffield, circa 1880
  • Dimensions: Fork - 9 1/4 inches length, Knife - 11 3/4 inches length

2 Piece Fish Sets started being produced during the 18th century, and rose to prominence during the Victorian period. At first, in the 18th century, two forks were used for the eating of fish. This tradition lasted into the 19th century when a silver bladed fish knife replaced the idea of using two forks. A silver bladed fish knife complemented the fork extremely well. Also, it was more helpful to have a fork and a knife working together than having 2 forks. 2 Piece Fish Sets have been produced with silver, bone, and mother of pearl handles, and with a variety of designs for decoration. Fish Sets such as this one are extremely popular serving pieces for the table today.

This very attractive Antique Victorian Plate 2 Piece Fish Set is in the ‘Fiddle Thread and Shell’ pattern. This is a timeless and eye-catching Georgian pattern. It is an elegant design that finds the perfect balance between ornamentation and simplicity. This pattern consists of a raised shell and two fine threads forming a border. The earliest examples date from about 1810, which was shortly after the Fiddle pattern was introduced to England. The popularity of this pattern has continued throughout the Victorian period into the 20th century, and it is still popular today.

An exquisite Antique Victorian Plate 2 Piece Fish Set in a fitted box. The blade of the fork and the knife have exceptional engraving. This is exemplified by a beautiful floral design. It is a very attractive set with its intricate detail work.

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