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Antique Victorian Plate and Wedgwood Jasperware Biscuit Barrel

  • Sheffield, circa 1875
  • Dimensions: Height - 5 1/4 to top of lid or 9 inches to top of handle while upright, Width - 5 inches

Antique Biscuit Barrels (better known as biscuit boxes) have always been quite popular. Biscuit Barrels are an elegant way to serve cookies and other small desserts. The first biscuit barrels appeared in England around 1860 and quickly became “en vogue” as an essential serving piece for any society hostess. Made by many manufacturers, biscuit barrels come in many forms and styles such as hand painted porcelain, silver plated, sterling silver, hand cut crystal and English oak barrels.

Biscuit Barrels became more grandiose during the Victorian era, especially when they were used to adorn the dinner table for desserts. The advent of afternoon tea also increased both the need and the desire for highly decorative biscuit barrels. They generally became aesthetically pleasing alongside elegant tea and coffee services. During afternoon tea, they were meant for presenting delicate tea biscuits or scones. Also, with the additional benefit of being air – tight, they kept biscuits fresher for a longer duration of time.

An exquisite Antique Victorian Plate and Wedgwood Biscuit Barrel with white overlay. Arguably the most celebrated of all English ceramics, Wedgwood was founded in 1759 by Staffordshire potter Josiah Wedgwood (1730 – 1795). Inspired by ancient cameo glass in various scenes, the decorative element is set in relief on a matte colored background. The company is recognized for its Jasperware – molded Neoclassical stoneware biscuit barrels, vases, plates and other pieces. The designs of Jasperware has this exquisite detail work and lovely workmanship which they are recognized for. Our Antique Victorian Plate and Wedgwood Jasperware Biscuit Barrel, like most of them have exemplary caliber, and has an exquisite body embossed with white leaves that resonate throughout the piece. It is in wonderful condition, quite spectacular in design and it would look special in any setting.

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