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Antique Victorian Plate Basket

  • Sheffield, circa 1885
  • Dimensions: Height to top of handle - 8 3/4 inches, 10 1/2 inches in length, 8 inches in width

An Antique Victorian Silver Plated Basket. As most baskets made at this time were usually oval or round, it is always enjoyable to find one that is a different shape – this one is rectangular.

This Antique Victorian Silver Plated Rectangular Basket is quite elegant in design with its applied gadroon border. The gadroon design is also located on the hinged handle which allows it to be carried or reside in a resting position. This basket has a rectangular pedestal foot and is in pristine condition. Whether one would like to use this elegant basket as a centerpiece on their dining room table, fill it with fruits and sweet meats, or leave it out for decorative purposes, it is a very appealing piece.