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Antique Victorian Plate Basket

  • Sheffield, circa 1885
  • Dimensions: 10 1/2 inches in height to top of handle and 12 inches wide

Baskets became popular in the Georgian period, and continued to flourish during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. During these times, the wealthy and the middle class became enamored with dinner parties and all that they entailed. Baskets have always been popular for several reasons. Originally they were used for bread and muffins. However, as eating habits and menus became more sophisticated, baskets, and their uses and looks, changed. They became ornamental often with swing handles and decoration. They also now were used to serve cakes, sweetmeats and bon bons as well as other desserts and fruits. Baskets can also be used for flower arrangements which makes them excellent centerpieces. You may also find them on an entry, dining, or side table.

Victorian Baskets were usually decorated extravagantly with applied and engraved decoration. This decoration was usually floral, shell and/or foliate designs. At this time, the majority of Victorian silverware was also decorated in this manner. This Antique Victorian Plate Basket has exceptional detail work that resonates throughout the piece. It also has a lovely twisted handle. Antique Victorian Plate Baskets, such as this one, have become increasingly popular as a wedding gift. Whether one wants to give a charming basket like this as a gift or keep it for personal indulgence, baskets are a welcome addition to any household.

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