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Continental Silver Double-Lipped Sauce Boat on Stand

  • Germany, circa 1920
  • Dimensions: Height - 4 1/4 inches to top of handle, Width - 10 inches

We can thank France and its court in the late 17th century/early 18th century for introducing us to the world of sauces. To help with this idea of sauces, you needed a vessel for the serving and pouring of them. Most vessels (sauce boats) have one lip. A Double-Lipped Sauce Boat has two spouts at opposite ends and is more unusual in design and to find. We can also thank the Huguenot makers who immigrated from France to England at this time. The Huguenots are considered the finest silversmiths with their expertise in design and then execution of a silver article – some of the finest pieces ever made were at this time. This is a wonderful copy of a Huguenot early piece.

An understated but beautifully designed 20th century Continental Silver Double-Lipped Sauce Boat on Stand. It has an oval bowl with curved and wavy rims and elongated end spouts. There is a stepped oval foot which is mounted to the stand. The stand has a thread edge and serpentine rim and the side handles carry out the simple and elegant look.

Most Sauce Boats have evolved into the typical form we know them as of today. This is with a wide pouring lip and a single handle. Excellent quality, wonderful workmanship and a different look makes this Continental Silver Double-Lipped Sauce Boat interesting, unusual, and rarer to find.

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