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English Silver Miniature Tea and Coffee Set

$975.00 for set
  • Birmingham, 1950 to 1952 by Adie Brothers
  • Dimensions: Tea Kettle and Stand - 7 3/4 inches in height, 4 1/2 inches in length from back of handle to spout Coffee Pot - 5 1/2 inches height, 4 1/4 inches in length from back of handle to spout Teapot - 5 inches height, 4 3/4 inches in length from back of handle to spout Creamer - 2 1/4 inches in height, 2 3/4 inches in length from back of handle to spout Sugar Bowl - 2 1/4 inches in height, 4 inches in width

The earliest examples of miniatures dates back to Ancient Egypt, around 5000 BC. The pieces discovered there were the common subjects of the time – animals and carts. Since then, people have been owning and collecting miniatures of all types. It is very difficult to trace a single origin for this hobby or profession. One of the largest groups of people collecting miniatures are those that played with doll houses in their youth. Another large group are collectors who are also drawn to miniatures. One of the reasons why collecting is so desirable, is the highest level of craftsmanship and skill are exemplified in these pieces. The dainty stature of the items makes them very appealing. Also, items that are replicas from a bygone era is another reason why collectors gravitate towards this hobby/vocation.

An exceptional, fine and charming vintage George VI English Silver Miniature 5 Piece Tea and Coffee Set. Miniature tea sets like this one, were made of silver and/or fine porcelain and were created for grand collectors. They started to appear more frequently in the Victorian era, where they also can be found in brass, porcelain, clay, and wood. This English Silver Miniature Tea and Coffee Set consists of a tea kettle and stand, coffee pot, teapot, cream jug and sugar bowl. Quite elegant in design, this set is a wonderful replica of a Georgian style. The tea kettle and stand, as well as the coffee pot and teapot, have spouts which are ‘duck’s head terminal’. Another nice attribute about this set is that it has a covered sugar bowl. Even though these miniature pieces were made for tiny houses, a set like this is both a wonderful example of miniature silver and can be appreciated by everyone.



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