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English Silver Plate Wine Coaster

  • England, circa 1960
  • Dimensions: 5 3/8 inches diameter, 1 7/8 inches height

Wine Coasters, or decanter stands, as they are sometimes called, have been an important part of the elegant dining table in England since the 18th century. We can assume someone probably conceived the idea of placing a wine bottle in a stand and pushing (“coasting”) it along the table. This explains why the original name was a ‘bottle slider’.

Adding grace and traditional style to our table settings is done with this charming 20th century English Silver Plate Wine Coaster. Quite attractive in design having pierced decoration on the sides, a wooden interior and felt underside, our Wine Coaster is in excellent condition. Whether one would like to give this piece as a gift for any occasion or would like to keep it for personal indulgence, a Wine Coaster can be quite practical and useful as well as helping decorate the table.

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