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English Silver Plate Wine Coaster

  • England, circa 1920
  • Dimensions: 4 7/8 inches in diameter, 2 inches in height

Wine Coasters, or decanter stands as they are sometimes referred to, have been an integral part of the elegant dining table in England since the 18th century, when they were known as bottle sliders. The wine coaster allows the bottle or decanter to slide along a surface without damage to the table or the bottle. A wine coaster serves various functions, originally more functional than aesthetic. It prevents spillage from a bottle or decanter on the tablecloth or directly onto the polished table top. Also, the wine coaster stops one decanter from touching another and thus prevents chipping of cut-glass decanters.

A charming English Silver Plate Wine Coaster having a pierced decoration with garlands and swags that resonate throughout the body. It has a shaped gadroon rim having a wooden insert and a silver button in the center.

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