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Four English Georgian Glass Double-Lip Wine Rinsers

$975.00 for set of four
  • England, circa 1880
  • Dimensions: Height - 3 1/2 inches, Width - 5 1/8 inches

Wine Glass Rinsers were a late 18th century invention with necessity. Finger bowls had been used for many years. However, with meals becoming very elaborate affairs, wine glasses were very much in use. Georgian wine rinsers were placed within easy reach of diners. Filled with cold water or ice and water, they were used so that wine glasses could be thoroughly cleaned before the next bottle of wine was passed. Wine Rinsers were either single or double lipped and either way, a glass would lean against them while they are being cleaned.

Today, Double-Lip Wine Rinsers have a variety of uses. Filled with nuts or crackers for hors d’oeuvres, they are a perfect container, both being pretty as well as functional. They also can be used at a table to hold various condiments. They can even be used as vases, holding low arrangements of loose flowers and thus, can be placed along the length of a table.

An exceptional set of 4 English Georgian Hand Blown Glass Double-Lip Wine Rinsers. The detail work on this set is striking. From the rich and deep cobalt blue to the clear design, these wine rinsers are extremely elegant as well as attractive. The circular bases all have a starburst design on the underside.

This set of 4 English Georgian Hand Blown Glass Double-Lip Wine Rinsers are quite special.


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