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Italian Silver Plate Frying Pan

  • Italy, circa 1970
  • Dimensions: 17 1/2 inches in length (this includes the wooden handle)

We were so excited that we were able to buy back this lovely Italian Silver Plated Frying Pan. This is an example of what we were referring to in the About Us section under the subcategory Purchase/Buy Back. A client of ours contacted us and she said that she received this as a wedding gift years ago. We were thrilled to buy it back and include it in our inventory again. We will try to do this as often as we can. Approximately 60 years ago, we used to sell these frying pans quite well and this was one of the most popular gifts for our clients to purchase.

Silver is the most thermally conductive metal in the universe that we know of and thus these frying pans are extremely practical and quite easy to use. Most of our clients use these frying pans to either heat up hors d’oeuvres or a side dish in the oven. Upon removing the handle and placing the frying pan in the oven, it heats up extremely quickly and evenly. When the food is ready, screw the handle back on and proceed to serve it to the company and/or bring it to the table.

That is all that is required to use this elegant Italian Silver Plated Frying Pan. It is a great piece to use when entertaining with your loved ones and your friends!

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