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Italian Silver Wine Coaster

  • Milan, circa 1960 by Guido Galbiati
  • Dimensions: 5 inches diameter, 1 1/2 inches tall

The term ‘coaster’ was first recognized in 1887. Prior to that, a wine coaster was either called a ‘stand’ or ‘slider’. These words were derived from the custom that, after finishing dinner, the cloth was removed from the table and as the ladies withdrew to another room, a bottle of port was ‘coasted’ around the table by the men. Silver wine coasters are a wonderful piece to collect or own. They are practical terms which can be used on a daily basis, rather than being ornamental without a function or occasionally used. These wine coasters often incorporated wooden bases with silver surrounding ‘trim’ or borders, which provided the opportunity for craftsmen to showcase their skills in silver decoration and ornamentation.

A very attractive Italian Silver Wine Coaster made by the famous jewelry and silver designer Guido Galbiati of Milan, Italy. The workmanship on this piece is superb as it is decorated with an intricate raised floral and leaf design which resonates throughout the entire piece. The top and the bottom of the border have a thread edge design and the wine coaster has a wooden interior bottom. Also, the wine coaster has new felt that resides on the bottom. It is marked on the side of the piece with the name Galbiati and then 800 is in an oval shield. In pristine condition, this Italian Silver Wine Coaster is quite attractive and would enhance any dinner table.

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