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Old Sheffield Plate Wine Coaster

  • Sheffield, circa 1820
  • Dimensions: 5 1/4 inches in diameter, 1 1/2 inches in height

Between the 1820’s and 1840’s, Britain saw an increase in both clothing and wine consumption. This was driven by the abolition of import and export duties. Wearing fashionable clothes and drinking with dinner, became a way for upper society to demonstrate their wealth.

At this time, with silver being so popular and money being so affluent, dinner tables became very elaborate. One of the many new objects that appeared at the dinner table were wine coasters. The earliest wine coasters generally started to appear around 1760 and they tended to be hand pierced in design. Wine Coasters had very intricate detail and it was a wonderful way for artisans to show off their ornamentation skills as they mixed wood with silver.

An exceptional Old Sheffield Plate Wine Coaster. Reticulated detail work resonates on the side of the wine coaster and it has a shaped gadroon rim. Having excellent patina and a wood turned base completes the look. This early 19th century Old Sheffield Plate Wine Coaster is in pristine condition and is suitable to hold either wine or champagne bottles as well as a decanter.

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