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Old Sheffield Plate Wine Coaster

  • Sheffield, circa 1820
  • Dimensions: 6 3/4 inches diameter, 1 1/2 inches height

Wine Coasters have been an integral part of the elegant dining table in England since the 18th century. At this time, coasters were also known as bottle sliders. A coaster serves various functions, and originally they were more functional than aesthetic. Wine Coasters were used to hold cut glass decanters so that they would not be touching each other and thus prevent chipping of them. As the serving of wine was part of every meal and was left on the table during the entire meal, coasters were also used to prevent the bottom of the decanter from leaving a ring on the table. With these two reasons, it was inevitable that the wine coaster would be introduced. In today’s world, wine coasters can also hold a bottle of wine as well as a decanter.

A very attractive Old Sheffield Plate Wine Coaster. One of the attributes that this piece has is a wonderful patina. As Old Sheffield Plate (see heading at the top of Old Sheffield Plate regarding this technique) is a hand fused process, there is copper wearing through on some points (known as bleeding) which is quite attractive to the naked eye. This 19th century Old Sheffield Plate Wine Coaster has a decorative border, a mahogany base and a new green felt bottom to protect the table.

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