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Pair of Antique American Silver Salad Servers

  • New York, circa 1900 by Tiffany and Company
  • Dimensions: 9 3/4 inches in length

A stunning pair of Tiffany and Company American Silver Salad Servers in the ‘Colonial’ pattern. This pattern was introduced in 1895. It was designed by Paulding Farnham and although it is quite plain, it has an elegant look. This pattern is quite different from his later designs. Having been apprenticed to Tiffany’s artistic director Edward C. Moore around 1878, he became one of Tiffany and Company’s most talented designers of both jewelry and silver. In 1891, he became the firm’s head jewelry designer. By the end of the decade, Paulding Farnham became the head of the silverware division.

In the ‘Colonial’ pattern, the handles of the salad servers are bordered by four bands which form a scroll with a leaf. The salad servers have gilt interiors called vermeil. This refers to objects which have a silver core but have been coated with a thin layer of gold foil to give the impression of solid gold. The gilding of silver is used for many purposes such as to provide additional decorative appeal, to enhance the prestige of an object, to prevent tarnish and to protect serving vessels and utensils from the harmful effects of salts, sulfurous foods and dressings. They are in pristine condition. Please note that the pair of salad servers do have a script monogram which I think complements the piece quite nicely. The ‘Colonial’ pattern is lovely in design and can be integrated with other patterns. As noted previously, this is because this pattern is quite plain.


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