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Pair of Antique English Spode Felspar Plates

$550.00 for pair
  • England, circa 1830 by Spode Felspar
  • Dimensions: 9 7/8 inches diameter

Josiah Spode I started working in the English pottery business around 1760. By 1776, he had purchased a factory. Soon after this, he persuaded Thomas Lucas, an engraver, and James Richards, a printer, to leave the Caughley Works where they were employed and join his establishment. His business thrived and when Thomas Minton designed for him, from 1789 – 1793, Spode’s notoriety, fortune, and success were made.

Josiah Spode II (1755 – 1827) was the great Pioneer among the potters in England during the Georgian era. He continued his father’s work as Josiah Spode I had passed away suddenly in 1797. Around the year 1800, Josiah Spode II perfected the bone china recipe and was also instrumental behind the technique of transferware. He made it possible for English potters to replace the Chinese Export China with the new and popular English porcelain. This helped bring about the end of the need and desire for Chinese export China as now the English potters were making porcelain in their own backyard. They copied some of the Chinese designs as well as making many new ones of their own. This constituted a thriving industry that would last for about 150 years and provide half the world with their tableware. Not to mention, now there was no more need for Chinese Export Porcelain.

In 1821, Josiah Spode II decided to diversify and he added felspar to the ingredients that made up bone china. By controlling the raw materials of the porcelain and fusing it at a lower temperature so as not to distort the piece, this brought about newer and better techniques. Although Spode Felspar is a soft-paste porcelain, it is surprisingly hard, durable, and gives the appearance of fine porcelain. It also produces a wonderful bright color. As Spode Felspar does not chip easily, it became quite popular at dinner parties and other social events. Spode porcelain is regarded as one of the highest quality types of porcelains from England and has always been extremely popular.

An exquisite pair of Antique English Spode Felspar Plates that are stunning in design. They consist of a wonderful color combination of very vibrant tones in various shades of raspberry, as well as blue and white flowers with green leaves and stems. Set on a white background having a scalloped gadroon border, these plates are in pristine condition. The Spode Felspar mark is impressed on the back of each plate.

The Spode family operated from Spode Works in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England from 1773 until 1829.

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