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Pair of Antique Victorian Plate Candlesticks

$1,650.00 for pair
  • Sheffield, circa 1885
  • Dimensions: 11 3/4 inches height, Base - 6 3/8 inches

Candlesticks are among the most desired of all English silver objects and have been used for thousands of years. The 18th and 19th centuries saw a tremendous surge in popularity in candlesticks and ever since then, they have resided quite well on our dining room tables and sideboards.

An exquisite pair of Antique Victorian oval Silver Plate Candlesticks. With their neoclassical style, they are quite elegant having boat-shaped bodies. Reeded borders and removable nozzles (bobeches) also enhance these candlesticks. Although candles are no longer necessities, we still do retain a love for the soft glow and warmth that emanate from their flickering flames. Somehow a meal eaten by candlelight seems to have a very warm and lovely feeling as well as romantic touch.

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