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Pair of Antique Victorian Plate Sauce Ladles

$350.00 for pair
  • Sheffield, circa 1890
  • Dimensions: 6 1/2 inches length

A lovely pair of Antique Victorian Silver Plate Sauce Ladles in the Bead pattern. This pattern is known as Old English Bead which was created by the pre-eminent English female silversmith, Hester Bateman. Her late 18th century pieces featured a simple and elegant beaded border in the neoclassical style. This style that was so popular in the late 18th century, 140 years later is still popular and in demand.

Although the use of sauce ladles in Europe can be traced back to the Roman era, sauce ladles were not widespread until the mid-18th century. At this point, they became very fashionable and in constant use.

This pair of Antique Victorian Silver Plate Sauce Ladles will add grace and style to either a modern or traditional table setting.