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Pair of Antique Victorian Plate Vases

$1,050.00 for pair
  • Sheffield, circa 1890
  • Dimensions: 11 inches tall

The earliest known use of a vase was in Ancient Egypt. At that time, vases were quite basic both in design and shape. During the Ancient Greek and Roman times, vases became more decorative and some extraordinary examples were created. They became quite popular during the 19th century and were associated with luxury and wealth. In the homes of the European social elite, vases were considered highly fashionable items. Although vases are predominately used to hold cut flowers, they can also stand alone as objects of art. Vases have proved to be both classic and timeless and are quite popular in spite of varying trends and fashion.

A pretty pair of Antique Victorian Silver Plate Vases. They are quite elegant in design with plain round bodies and scalloped rims that flare out at the top. Vases are always in demand and having an identical pair is quite nice. Being antique, it is not  always easy to find an identical pair. Thus, they become quite special.

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