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Pair of Antique Victorian Plate Berry Spoons in a Case

  • Sheffield, circa 1890
  • Dimensions: 9 inches in length

Who would not want a stunning pair of antique Victorian Silver Plate Berry Spoons in a case!! These berry spoons have elaborate embossed gilt bowls decorated with fruits such as berries and pineapples. Having gilt bowls are ideal as they can be used for both fruits and salads. A pair of Berry Spoons will always beautify your breakfast table and then one can bring them back after dinner for those wonderful desserts.

This pair of antique Victorian Silver Plate Berry Spoons have exceptional workmanship, both on the bowls as well as the handles. Berry Spoons are quite practical and are ideal for serving. Also, they make a wonderful gift especially as they come in a fitted box. It is always nice to have at least 1 pair of Berry Spoons in your household and we are quite pleased to have recently acquired this pair.