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Pair of Antique George III English Silver Strainer Spoons

$1,850.00 for pair
  • London, 1794 by Peter and Ann Bateman
  • Dimensions: 13 1/2 inches length

Our family has been in the Antique Business for over 130 years. During that time, we have seen many exciting and interesting articles. However, we have never purchased an exceptional and impressive pair of Antique George III English Silver Strainer Spoons. Perhaps my Grandfather had purchased something like this many years ago, but I know that neither my late Father nor I ever purchased a pair like this. Georgian Silver Basting Spoons, which are identical in form but without the strainer, are relatively common. A pair of Georgian Silver Strainer Spoons like these are extremely difficult to acquire and thus, we are thrilled to own them.

Our pair of Antique George III English Silver Strainer Spoons are very attractive in design with a crest at the handle. The strainer that runs down the center of each bowl is ornamented with pierced motifs. Traditionally, this piece was always used to serve gravy. However, it also can be used to strain and regulate the amount of liquid one would like to have. This pair of spoons besides being quite practical and useful, are also quite beautiful.

Peter and Ann Bateman was a partnership that was a continuation of the highly respected Bateman family. Peter was the son and Ann was the daughter-in-law of Hester Bateman. Hester was considered the finest and most well-known of all English 18th-century Female Silversmiths. We are always thrilled to acquire pieces made by her as well as anyone in her family.

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