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Pair of Royal Dux Bohemia Porcelain Ewers

$675.00 for pair
  • Czechoslovakia, circa 1990
  • Dimensions: 11 1/2 inches in height, 4 1/2 inches width from handle to spout

Duxer Porzellanmanufaktur, or Dux Porcelain Manufactory, was started in 1860 by Edward Eichler in what was then Duchov, Bohemia. The high quality pottery and porcelain figures produced there are now generally referred to by the abbreviated name, “Royal Dux”. At this time, their main wares were faience and at the 1878 Paris Exhibition, they were awarded a Silver medal for their work.

Around 1900, they set up a head office in Berlin and began producing Art Nouveau porcelain figurines, candlesticks, highly decorative vases and bowls. At this time, they began to export their porcelain and faience pieces to the United States and Europe. At the 1904 World Exhibition held in St. Louis, they won the Grand Prize and went on to win another silver medal in the 1906 Milan Exhibition.

Royal Dux products can be divided into four broad periods of production. They were generally separated by wars and political upheaval: 1860 to World War 1, 1919 to World War 11, 1947 to 1990 and from 1990, to the present.

A lovely pair of 20th century Royal Dux Bohemia Porcelain Ewers. The top of the Ewers are decorated with a vibrant cobalt blue and gilt design. There is intricate gilt workmanship on the handles which continues throughout the vases. The mid section of the Ewers is set on a white background with a lovely floral decoration in blues and gilt. The lower section of the Ewers are decorated with gilt and white and reside above cobalt blue cut corner bases. Please note that one Ewer has a gilt star design on its cobalt blue base and the other Ewer does not have that design. This pair of 20th century Royal Dux Bohemia Porcelain Ewers are very appealing with their wonderful design, colors, and workmanship.

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