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MW/1614 and MW/1615

Set of 6 Antique English Majolica Plates with Matching Pair of Shaped Dishes

$525.00 for set of 6 plates $450.00 for pair of shaped dishes
  • England, circa 1860
  • Dimensions: 8 inches diameter in plates, 8 1/2 inches long for pair of shaped dishes

A lovely set of 6 19th century English Majolica Plates with a pair of Matching Shaped Dishes. This set is quite striking in design and it is wonderful to find a set like this. Please note that there has been restoration to one of the shaped dishes which was done in England. The repair was done so meticulously that it is not discernable to the naked eye. The plates have a lovely design of intertwining leaves and because of the subtleness shade of the green, they are extremely easy to mix with other colors and designs. Both the set of plates and the pair of shaped dishes help make this set a wonderful display either in a breakfront, a cabinet or featured in a room.

Majolica has been around for several centuries beginning in the 1400s during the Italian Renaissance. The process of making majolica includes applying a tin enamel to a fired piece of earthenware forming a white opaque surface on which a design is painted. Color is then added and green is one of the most popular colors that was used. Different styles and colors were adapted to each countries likes and dislikes.

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