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Set of 6 Antique Georgian Wine Glasses

$950.00 set of 6
  • England, circa 1830
  • Dimensions: 4 1/2 inches tall

Of all Georgian glassware, there is no doubt that Georgian Wine Glasses are the most widely admired and collected. The refined elegance of an antique Georgian wine glass is truly remarkable. There are a multitude of shaped bowl designs and intricate detail work that is often used. The sheer variety, the beauty and style of the pieces are all reasons that makes Georgian wine glasses something one would like to collect and wonderful to display.

A wonderful set of 6 19th century English clear wine glasses. They are set on a plain round base and the stems have rings located in different sections above the base. Features that make these wine glasses quite special are fluting, diamond cutting and groups of bands. These Georgian Wine Glasses are perfect for any occasion or would look stunning residing on a silver waiter or a sideboard.