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MW/1888, MW/1890

Set of 8 Antique English Samuel Alcock Dessert Plates and Compote

$1,950.00 for set
  • England, circa 1840
  • Dimensions: Plates - 9 inches diameter Compote - 2 inches height, 12 inches diameter

For collectors of ceramics who enjoy the thrill (or perhaps the frustration) of the chase, there can be no better challenge than to find and identify an item of pottery and porcelain made at the Samuel Alcock company in Cobridge, Staffordshire. This is because Alcock’s works were rarely marked and have often been confused with other manufacturers. Samuel Alcock’s introduction to the industry began in the early 1820’s when he joined an existing partnership between Ralph Stevenson and Augustus Aldborough Lloyd Williams. In 1826, Augustus Williams left the partnership. As a result of this, the partnership between Stevenson & Alcock continued as porcelain and pottery manufacturers under the name Samuel Alcock & Co.

In its three decades of operation, Samuel Alcock & Co. produced a vast number of high-quality porcelain and earthenware items including bone china tea services, vases painted with landscapes and wonderful sets of dinner and dessert plates. Production for the home and export markets gradually expanded and during the three decades, the workforce grew to around 700 people in the 1850s.

A beautiful set of 8 Antique English Dessert Plates and Compote made by Samuel Alcock & Co. What makes these plates quite special and interesting (in our opinion) is that each plate has a different floral center. Thus, orange, blue, purple, pink, and a variety of other colored flowers in the center of each plate are painted. Each flower stands out as it is set on a white background. There is a wide lime green border with yellow and white flowers interspersed throughout the design. Finishing off this border is a gilt scalloped edge. The plates and the compote are in wonderful condition.

Whether you are a collector, decorator, or an individual who is looking for 8 beautiful plates and compote, this set is for you!

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